Solex Z1

Due to variations in the Z1 range parts may vary to the illustration depending on carburettor application
Repair kits are available which contain gaskets, seal, diaphragms and needle valve. Some of the other parts are available separately. Please state carburettor reference number or make and model of car, any questions please contact us.

Illus No Description Illus No Description
1 Fuel filter 13 Idle mixture screw
2 Upper body 14 Throttle body heater (water)
3 Waxstat 15 Acceleratoe pump diaphragm
4 Waxstat housing 16 Accelerator pump jet
5 Choke housing 17 Primary main jet
6 Top gasket 18 Primary emulsion tube & air corrector jet
7 Float pin 19 Float
8 Secondary emulsion tube & air corrector jet 20 Needle valve
9 Secondary main jet 21 Choke pull-off diapragm
10 "O" ring 22 Idle jet
11 Body 23 Float chamber vent valve
12 Tamperproof plug