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I lost my car.
I lost my car. My engine is gone. I no have buget for repair its. Beacause I use some money for my bussiness. But if I have more money, I will pay it again. So I will sell it to my best friend. He love peugeot like me. Now I am so bad. I am so bad. I am so bad. But I still made is webs contiune. I love peugeot. I love 405. I love MI16.
Sorry I can not type Thai lang. on this time.

โดยคุณ : webmaster - [ 16 ม.ค. 2544 , 11:26:24 น. ]

Everybody can call to me 01-6198196. I feel so bad.
โดยคุณ : Webmaster - [ 16 ม.ค. 2544 , 11:31:10 น.]

Take it easy !!! man
calm down......I know how you feel...
But one day you can get the new one
like you got the old 405.
I love 405 too.
โดยคุณ : ตาเฒ่า - [ 16 ม.ค. 2544 , 21:30:00 น.]

how much money u need to repare yr car. pls contact me
โดยคุณ : Peg lover - [ 16 ม.ค. 2544 , 23:26:22 น.]

Take it easy. You can buy it back later .Hope your business runs smoothly.
โดยคุณ : Mi16 - [ 17 ม.ค. 2544 , 13:55:24 น.]

It sound terrible but just for a while. One day, it will be yours again.
โดยคุณ : ekk - [ 29 ม.ค. 2544 , 21:30:00 น.]

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